Meet The Team

All staff at the denture clinic

All our clinical dental technicians have been trained in the latest denture techniques at the University of Otago. Dentures have been taken to a new level of excellence, both in terms of their fit and look. Our denture clinic staff regularly attends courses in New Zealand and Australia, keeping themselves up-to-date with all the very latest techniques and developments. Any new ideas are incorporated into our denture-making system so that patients receive the highest standards of treatment possible.

Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that all of our patients have a stress-free visit and allow each patient the time and information they need in order to make an educated decision regarding their smile. We know the sensitivities that can arise from having lost teeth and can work with our patients to help them determine how to bring back their original, beautiful smile to boost their health and confidence. We take the time to answer questions and to learn about the patient so we can treat them more like family and less like a client. Together, our staff creates a pleasing environment for patients to enjoy treatment and examinations to help guide them through the process of rejuvenating and renovating their smiles.

Lead clinical technician – Jenny Wang
Director of Oamaru denture clinic, Southcanterbury denture care, Christchurch denture care, and Dentuology new lynn denture clinic

Jenny completed a Bachelor of dental technology in 2008 and a Postgraduate Diploma in clinical dental technology in 2011 from University of Otago, Dunedin. She has been working in this field and been running her own business for almost 12 years. She worked in Canberra, Melbourne, Dunein, Invercargill, and Timaru, and experienced with a large number of denture patients. she believes a pair of well functioning dentures is able to improve patients quality of life. She was invited as outside lecutre for otago university in 2019. She is also passionate with helping and teaching younger dental techinicians.

Lead clinical technician – Emily Kim
Denturology clinic practice manager

Emily has been working as clinical dental technician since 2015. She has been seeing over 300 new patients every year in the past five years before she became our practice manager. She is specialised in complete dentures, partials dentures, implant overdentures and immediate dentures. She is heavily involved in the cosmetic side of denture construction and she will listen to your needs carefully to ensure that she creates the perfect smile for you. By having seen thousands of patients she is well aware of the fine balance of creating the perfect smile as well as achieving a great functional outcome. In her spare time, she is keen on cooking, shopping and going to gym. she also likes spending time with her family and socializing with friends whenever possible.

Lead digital technician – Frank Yang
Denturology – Digital denture specilist

Digital Dentures use a scientifically proven way to record how your teeth should bite together. It finds how far apart your teeth should be, levels out your smile line, places your front teeth in the right spot, and traces out your bite to put your jaw joints into the correct position. It truly takes all the guess work out of making a fantastic set of dentures. Frank is a computer geek. He has been exposing to all kinds of digital denture works. He designs dentures on software and 3D printing dentures out. He is making the most precise denture as possible for every single patient of his.