Digital Denture

With the development of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) techniques, digital denture is a new manufacturing process for the rapid digital production of removable dentures. The Digital Denture system provides our team with a quick and efficient method to create premium quality dentures for individual patient using a variety of digital workflows.

What we can do with digital technique?

We offer digital Complete Dentures, Immediate Dentures, Partial Dentures, Flexible Partial Dentures, and Duplicate Complete Dentures.

Why choose digital dentures?

  • 3D Printed or Milled Dentures
  • Quick and easy procedures with minimal discomfort
  • Fewer appointments for your new dentures
  • Covid-19 – As an older person you may be more vulnerable to COVID-19 as you may have underlying health issues. People at higher-risk are encouraged to stay home or reduce travels.
  • Patients with mobility issues (reduced travel times)
  • Duplicating of your satisfactory dentures as a back-up.
    • No travel needed!
    • Courier your dentures to our laboratory from anywhere in the country, then we use 3D technology to duplicate them within a few days.
  • Digital Storage
    • Accidently lost or broke your new digital dentures? You can simply call and get a replacement quickly and economically.