Partial Denture

A partial denture is removable and is supported by your natural teeth and gums. It is held in place with special retainer or clasps to keep it secure. A partial retainer is custom designed for function and normality.

We offer four styles of partial denture, including Acrylic, Cobalt-Chrome (CoCr), Clear clasp, and Thermosens/Flexible.​


Denture teeth are bonded to an acrylic base. Wrought wire clasps are often used to hold the denture in place.



CoCr partial dentures are thinner, smaller, and lighter, but stronger than acrylic dentures. Because the Chrome partial dentures use cast anchorage elements, they provide better retention.

Clear Clasps

Clear or tooth-coloured clasps are used. They are the good choices if you’d prefer not show metal on your front teeth.